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Is life passing you by?

Are you afraid you’ll never get ahead?

Code Blue Coaching will help you “Jump Start” your life.

Feel Alive Again!


Whether you have a specific issue that you need cleared, or are looking for a total life makeover, Code Blue Coaching can help.  Click on the boxes below for details on my various coaching programs!

There are several ways you can work with Me:

Premiere 1-1 Coaching

6-12 Month Programs

Life Changing Results

Are you looking to create a total life makeover?

The Code Blue Program masterfully weaves Laser Focused Sessions with Traditional Life Coaching to help you achieve the results you desire! Each program is customized to meet the unique and specific needs of the client.

Serious changes are about to happen. Please do not apply unless you are ready to change your life.

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90 Day Jump Start

Intensive Focus for Fast Results

12 Weekly Sessions

The 90 Day Jump Start Program offers an intense focus on one area of your life. The program is customized to fit your needs

12 Weekly 1-1 Coaching Sessions

Due to the “Intense” nature of this program, please anticipate a good deal of “homework”. How much time? It depends on how well you know yourself and your desires and how fast you want to progress.

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Group Coaching

Subject to Availability

Great Benefits, Less Cost

Several times a year Marianne opens up group coaching sessions both online and in the Central NY Area.

Group coaching revolves around a specific topic. (Prosperity, Law of Attraction, Weight, Grief, Relationships, Stress Relief) and offers both a class component and live coaching.

Marianne will also customize classes for your business, organization or support group.

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Laser Focused Sessions

Emotional Releasing

Fast, Targeted

Do you have a specific issue you’d like to resolve? A past trauma to release?

Laser Focused sessions are meant to get to the heart of the issue and release the pain and emotional attachment – allowing you to feel happy and ready to accept success and joy in your life. Programs are customized for each client.

The first session is always 2 hours long. Subsequent sessions are 1 or 1.5 hours. Save $ with Laser Session Packages!

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Home Study

New and Expanding!

Great Products for You

These programs are designed to help you make life changes in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Perfect for the “Do-It-Yourself-er”

Several products are under development at this time-from full programs and courses to guided visualizations and “tapping”.

If there is something you’d like, please let me know!

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Some Words From Clients

“When it comes to finding & clearing mental blocks, Marianne Strait is a SURGEON!”
Amy Jo Ellis
I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have you as a practitioner, my life has changed because of our sessions.You have gotten to the heart of many issues, yesterday’s session released me from the addiction of smoking, something I had no control of. The more I fought it the worst it got, but going into my mind with all the wonderful and creative techniques you used helped me to release the real cause for the sensations.Marianne you are the best and I am so grateful that you are my coach, you really care and you know how to make life long changes.Thank you for getting me back on track. Sherri 🙂
“Work­ing with Mar­i­anne really cleaned out a lot of my emo­tional garbage. UsingFasterEFT with Matrix and other meth­ods, many of my neg­a­tive emo­tions and thoughts dis­solved and were replaced with pos­i­tive ones. Mar­i­anne is focused, lis­tens, is com­pas­sion­ate and gets results fast! Thank you for help­ing me restart my life!”
Bruce N.
“Thank you Marianne for your insightful and intuitive and skillful work with me. We touched some very deep feelings in our sessions – I just never thought there could be that much remaining “stuff” from my childhood still affecting my life…that’s what I get for thinking! I now feel open and more ready to receive and/or create a life that supports me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.”
Penny M
“I have been attempting to restart my life after several years of cancer treatment and surgeries. During that time I went through bankruptcy and foreclosure and am now trying to find a path to generate income. As a former graphic designer/writer I have been in stress and physical pain whenever I have thought of using my talents again and have become stuck, frustrated and unable to move forward. Marianne, through her precise questions and processes, pinpointed the location of the stressful block and worked through removing it. I felt an immediate release and am so grateful. I was impressed with her clarity, compassion and dedication to my intent to move forward with hopefulness. Thank you Marianne, you are amazing!
Judith Orr