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Do you have a major issue that you would like to resolve? A specific block or belief?

If so, my Laser Focused Sessions are for you!

How it works:

Through a series of “laser focused” questions, we will get a complete picture of what you’d like to clear. Specifically, how you created it, what’s contributed to it, how it’s manifested in your life and how it plays in your day to day world. It’s really important to understand these pieces so that we can easily, and CORRECTLY dismantle your blocks and beliefs. You’ll be amazed at how, with a bit of guidance, you can easily shift those things that are holding you back. Of course it doesn’t end there! Resolving an issue, block or belief isn’t “finished” (or truly helpful) until you’ve replaced it with a new empowering vision!

Whether you are looking to make the shift around general life stress, grief/loss, finances, career, relationships, weight or another issue, my laser focused sessions help you to not only release the issue, but also to ease the pain around it! From this clear place you can then make the necessary shifts to create the life you desire!

In order to initiate a quick shift, Laser Focused Packages always begin with a two hour long session. Followup sessions are typically one hour in length.

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Which package is right for you?

While shifts (often major) happen in the first 2 hour session, clients working on a particular issue, block or belief typically choose to continue to work with me for an additional 4-20 sessions. Why? Once they have experienced the “shifts” they realize how much easier life would be if they continued to clear other areas of their life.

On occasion a client has an issue that is so invasive that it takes several sessions to fully and completely clear.

How long we work together truly varies based on your needs, and how many issues you’d like to address. A few of my clients, those who have very deep and diverse issues to clear, have worked with me a several times a week for a few months.

Your commitment to change!

Once you’ve decided you’ve “had enough”, you need to make a full commitment to change. You need to be actively involved in the process, do the work, and be open and willing to change.

As we work together you will learn to accept “what is” and learn to love and forgive yourself for where you are. Now this does not mean you’ll stay with “what is”, or suddenly be happy with it. What I mean is that you will understand why this happened and you will no longer beat yourself up for where you currently are. You may even have some amazing realizations around all of this!

In order to help you create the shifts you truly desire (rather than a quick fix that often “unfixes” just as quickly – I offer “Laser Focused Packages”. These packages are purchased based on the number of sessions you would like to have. Best of all, these packages are very flexible – sessions are scheduled as “needed” (vs. once a week at a specific time)

In addition, when you buy a package, there is no “time limit” for scheduling the calls. You can spread it out over any period of time! If you have a fabulous transformation and have any sessions left (in the package you bought) you can save them for future use (life goes on and with new growth there are often new challenges uncovered) or, with approval, gift them to a family member or friend.

New Client

2 Hour Session

2 Hour Session

New Clients – First session always 2 hours


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Returning Clients

1 Hour Session

1 Hour Session

Welcome back!
1 Hour Session


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5 Pack

(5) 1 hr Session Package

5 Sessions Package

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8 Pack

(8) 1 Hour Sessions

(8) 1 Hour Sessions

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12 Pack

(12) 1 hr Session Package

12 Session Package

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