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10 Simple Steps to Get Unstuck

Stay In Touch

You run into an old friend …

                              …and they ask “What’s New?”

How do you respond?

Are you excited to tell them all the great things happening in your life?

Or  do you quietly say “OK”? Secretly hoping they don’t ask anything else – because you’re stuck.

Stuck in survival mode. Your  life is “just good enough” to survive, but you feel stuck. Perhaps it’s been like this for years!  (years you can’t get back).

You recall the big dreams you had. You’d planned life would be so much better than it’s turned out.

What happened? How did it go so far astray?

 What if I told you it’s not too late? 

What if you could turn this around?

What if you could  Jump Start your life, starting right here, right now? 

 It’s amazing how your life changes

when you embrace the reality that

You’re better than the life you’ve settled for.

                                    – Dr Steve Maraboli

Settling is a Trap!

It’s a cage that keeps you stuck while pretending to keep you safe.  The more you play it safe, the more that cage shrinks. You convince yourself that it’s OK – you’re surviving.

Before you know it you’re afraid to try anything new.

You give up on goals and dreams … they’re outside the cage … they’re not safe.

Until something happens.

It could be a downsizing at work, a life threatening illness, an encounter with a successful friend –  or you’re offered a big promotion you can’t refuse- but don’t feel confident enough to accept.

Whatever it is, it screams for you to break free

if you can only figure out how.

The high cost of settling

There is a part of you that feels  safe with “what is”. It doesn’t care if you’re happy, fulfilled, or apathetic – as long as you’re safe. Because it sees change as “unsafe”, when you reach out of your comfort zone it fights back.

Luckily there is another part. A part that  KNOWS you deserve more, a part that wants you to be happy, fulfilled and alive! It sees the safety trap for what it is and wants you to break free.

These two parts are fighting for control!

This inner war can create stress, and that can show up physically.

Stress headaches, teeth grinding, insomnia, stomach issues, anxiety, panic attacks, constant negative thoughts and more.

The question is – which side will win?

To paraphrase the Native American Proverb, when you have two parts of you that are in conflict, the side that wins is the one you feed.

The choice is yours, are you going to remain as you are now, playing small and wishing you were further along than you are?  Or will you claim your power,  Jump Start your life and reach for your dreams?

Take a moment

Imagine life as you want it to be.

How will you feel as you lay down each night… 

knowing you spent the day living the life you dream of?   

How will you sleep at night…

knowing you are living your “purpose”?

How will it feel to wake up each morning…

happy and excited about the day ahead?

What will your life be like when you truly feel “alive” again?

How to get “Unstuck”…

Change often happens, at first, with help. Working with someone who can see your potential – even when you can’t. Someone who can help you identify your strengths, understand (and improve) your weaknesses. Someone who can help you to know what YOU want out of life. (Not want someone else wants you to be) Someone who will   help you to become the very best “you” possible.

…This is a game changer, especially if you are surrounded by naysayers and negative people…

I’ve developed a system to:

Help you get “unstuck”, release the blocks and limitations, and create an “I CAN” attitude!

Discover what you were born to do, what makes you come alive inside. (Chances are it’s not what your parents, spouse, or anyone else wants for you.)

Design a plan to create a life you can’t wait to get out of bed and live each and every day!

Set up the belief structure and confidence you need in order to reach your dream. (To fill in the spaces left when we released those old limiting beliefs and doubts)

Create that burning desire – the natural inner motivation to go after your dreams head on! You’re so excited by what’s to come that you want to start NOW! (and it seems more like fun than work)

Create and execute an action plan – and  I’ll help you stick to it, regardless of the obstacles you face.  Life continues to unfold. Obstacles come up – they won’t stop you, you’re on a mission to succeed!

How would your life change if you had someone who believed in you?

Someone who helped you to stay strong, focused and motivated?

Someone who helped you take action to create the life you want? 

Someone who sees the very best you – and helped you to see it for yourself?

Why me?

As far back as I can remember, elementary school,  I was the one the other kids came to for support and encouragement. I was the one they confided in. The one they told about the abuse, and how their friends, family and even teachers, made them feel “Not good enough”. 

In short, I was the one they came to so they could feel “good” about themselves.  I was able to point out their strengths and help them see their potential. I helped them realize they had value – even when others around them were screaming that they were worthless.

It was a pattern that continued throughout my life, though I didn’t recognize it until I had a few “personality” tests done.  One was the “Gene Key” which said, very specifically: my life’s purpose was “to help people see themselves in a new way” In addition, I discovered I was an ENFP, the “Champion”. (read about Champions here) Suddenly it all came together for me and I understood that this was my life’s purpose.

The reason that I can help you – is because I’ve been helping others change how they see themselves, to recognize their value and potential, for my entire life!

Your Life. Your Terms.

Starting with your coaching program.

Code Blue 1-1 Coaching ProgramsLaser Focused Sessions, my 90 Day Jump Start Program, are customized to meet your needs, your pace, your goals. Some areas you may breeze through while others, well, they may take a little more time…and it’s important to take the time to do them right.  It is your life you are creating here, make it the very best you can!

My 1-1 private programs are not scripted.  They have flexibility, resourcefulness and creativity at the core.  Sure there are major points to cover, but when and how we do that is based on your needs and timing.  We also have FUN in the process.

Whether you work with me for  6 months, 1 year, or my new intensive 90 day Jumpstart Program –  my goal is to get you “unstuck” and moving into the life of your dreams.  A large portion of my own healing came from the emotional releasing component and therefore I use them with my clients. They provide  valuable life skills that will help to not only remove blocks and limitations, but also help you overcome grief, fear, anxiety.  (My clients love these so much that they share them with friends and family!)

When hiring a coach it’s critical to find someone you can connect with. You want to feel safe and heard. Look for a coach who is eager to know the real you and will support you with 100% faith in your ability.


If this feels like it could be a fit, I invite you to book a  FREE “Bring Me to Life” strategy session so we can get to know each other.

Most of my life I have ‘felt’ that something was holding me back.
I was recommended Marianne and am glad I reached out to her for our initial consult.

From the start, I could ‘feel’ that she sincerely cared and would help. Through her attention to details, questions, and insights, I knew that she was very thorough and would dig out the blockages.
After initial consult I felt light, optimistic and with no anxiety as I knew she ‘had my back’.

Victor K, Florida

Is Coaching for You?

Find out in a Free “Bring Me To Life”  Strategy Session!

The only way to get your questions answered, and to really know if coaching is a great investment for you, is by experiencing coaching in action!  To help you do that I am offering you a FREE FULL COACHING session.  Yes – This is an actual coaching session, not a sales pitch!  (If, at the end of the session ,you find it valuable we can have a conversation about your coaching options.)



Imagine the joy of running in to an old friend who asks

“What’s New?”

… and having very exciting things to share!

Kind Words From Clients…

“When it comes to finding & clearing mental blocks, Marianne Strait is a SURGEON!” 
Amy Jo Ellis
I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have you as a practitioner, my life has changed because of our sessions.You have gotten to the heart of many issues, yesterday’s session released me from the addiction of smoking, something I had no control of. The more I fought it the worst it got, but going into my mind with all the wonderful and creative techniques you used helped me to release the real cause for the sensations.Marianne you are the best and I am so grateful that you are my coach, you really care and you know how to make life long changes.Thank you for getting me back on track. Sherri 🙂
“Work­ing with Mar­i­anne really cleaned out a lot of my emo­tional garbage. UsingFasterEFT with Matrix and other meth­ods, many of my neg­a­tive emo­tions and thoughts dis­solved and were replaced with pos­i­tive ones. Mar­i­anne is focused, lis­tens, is com­pas­sion­ate and gets results fast! Thank you for help­ing me restart my life!” 
Bruce N.
“Thank you Marianne for your insightful and intuitive and skillful work with me.   We touched some very deep feelings in our sessions – I just never thought there could be that much remaining “stuff” from my childhood still affecting my life…that’s what I get for thinking! I now feel open and more ready to receive and/or create a life that supports me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.” 
Penny M
“I have been attempting to restart my life after several years of cancer treatment and surgeries. During that time I went through bankruptcy and foreclosure and am now trying to find a path to generate income. As a former graphic designer/writer I have been in stress and physical pain whenever I have thought of using my talents again and have become stuck, frustrated and unable to move forward. Marianne, through her precise questions and processes, pinpointed the location of the stressful block and worked through removing it. I felt an immediate release and am so grateful. I was impressed with her clarity, compassion and dedication to my intent to move forward with hopefulness. Thank you Marianne, you are amazing!” 
Judith Orr

Stop struggling

I’ve been there too (Boy was I stuck!) ….

I understand the pain, frustrations and doubts that come from feeling “stuck” and “unfulfilled” in life.   My experiences include, almost losing my home (on more than one occasion),  living in deeply negative environment, several miscarriages, family alcoholism, losing my mom when I was 22 and my 8 year old brother (when I was 10). I’ve even been guilty of “hoarding”. 

I’ve also been on the verge of that “big breakthrough” only to slip back down – even farther. (There’s nothing more frustrating than being “there” and then buying in to other peoples doubts and stopping just short of the breakthrough)

Yeah, I’ve “been there” and I’ve done a LOT of work on myself!

After years of desperately searching for answers on my own,  I finally broke down and hired a life coach.  He is the reason I pushed through the naysayers, negativity, doubt and fear. Without him I’d be flipping burgers somewhere.

My coaching incorporates a lot of different approaches (that’s why I can easily customize a program for your own, unique needs) If you believe in the power of your mindset, want to understand the impact the words and metaphors you use have on your life, if you love discovering new tips and techniques –  then we’ll have a lot of fun working together.

It’s important that you’re committed to changing your life. If you know that it’s time to get clear on what you want and are ready to take action towards it – then I invite you to set up a no cost – non salesy – session today!

Just click on the “free session” link to set it up!

Break Free!

Discover the Joy of Living!

It’s time to Jump Start Your Life!



Life opens up opportunities to you, and you either take them,

or you stay afraid of taking them. – Jim Carrey

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