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I was frustrated, desperate and STUCK in an empty, unsuccessful life….

Today I am living MY dream and helping others breakthrough to create the life of their dreams!


There was a time in my life when EVERYTHING seemed to be going wrong….. my work, my relationships, my finances, it seemed like my entire world was flipping upside down! I’m not sure what started first but my life and my attitude kept sinking lower and lower, in this vicious, angry and resentful dance.

So I did what so many people do. I became desperate for “answers”.  Desperation, as you know, can cause you to do some silly things.  For example I kept looking for the ONE THING that was going to turn my whole world around. Chances are you know what I’m talking about, they call it the

“Shiny Object Syndrome”

Perhaps you’ve been down the same road –

You visit these well designed websites that describe the fabulous results of program “A”…. and, spending money you don’t have – you invest in it, really believing it will work. Then, as you work with it, another new “shiny object” comes in to your view, and you drop “A” and move on to “B”, and it continues, sadly, almost all the way through to “Z”. Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours later, you are still there, stuck with that same problem and even more desperate for answers!

Luckily, as I was playing this alphabet game, I decided to go “ALL IN”.  I found “partners”, people who were doing the same programs I was, and together we spent hours and hours “helping” each other using process “A” or “K” or whatever flavor of the day we were on. I have to admit, while I suspected that working these things with a partner or a coach can make all the difference in the world, little did I know that it would be so dramatic and life changing!

During a “session” a friend asked if he could interject some “FasterEFT” into our work. Silly me, I thought FasterEFT was his way of saying EFT would work faster than what we were doing. Now, to be honest, and I know it works for a whole lot of people, I spent a huge amount of time and resources on traditional EFT with almost no success. Still, I really and truly appreciated this friend and all he was doing for me, so I played along.

When we finished a few rounds of tapping, the “by the book” side of me just had to mention to him that he missed a whole bunch of tapping points and that- in spite of that- it worked so much better than I had ever experienced before. He laughed and explained this was FASTER EFT and what made it so different. (Hint: It’s more than just the points you tap, it’s the whole approach to tapping that is different)

I was Hooked!

I went so far as to spend (what was then, to me) a small fortune on a 2 hour private session with Robert Smith, founder of FasterEFT. Within 28 minutes a huge issue that loomed large -over one of my most important relationships- was TOTALLY cleared!

I found my passion! The next day I borrowed money and registered for Practitioner training! There was NO looking back.

While I have found FASTEREFT to work with just about anything I put before it, I know that some people like other tools, so I also took practitioner training in Matrix Re-Imprinting, became a certified Life Coach, studied NLP, Timeline Therapy and Advanced Clearing Energetics. As a result I have many tools available to use to help you clear whatever is holding you back! It’s been the most wonderful, incredible, ride of my life (ok second to being a mom) and I’ve loved every moment of it!  

Overcoming My Own Obstacles!

Marianne Strait
Marianne StraitBreakthrough Coach
Me, overcoming my own obstacles and limiting beliefs! It’s been a while – my boys are now 6ft 2 and 6ft 6!

Who Am I?

I am in my 50’s (just a number) Have been married for 30 something years and have two sons in their 20’s(time flies!) After years of training (and coaching part time) I became a FULL TIME coach in November 2012
Empower clients with the tools they need to deal with what they can, and come to me for help with “the Big Stuff”.  I love to help people  to get “unstuck”, move beyond their perceived limits and then work and execute a plan to create the life they want. I love it even more when I hear -long after we’ve stopped working together- that their lives have continued on a positive track.
Creating and hosting  “The Emotional Releasing Summit” (,  is my favorite for a number of reasons: First: It was a gathering of 25 top emotional releasing masters.   I created the “Emotional Releasing Summit” with the desire to bring together the founders of my favorite self help and emotional releasing systems so that they could describe their programs, its history, and, in some instances, give a brief demo. My goal was to allow the listener to find the program that worked best FOR THEM! Second: I helped a lot of people and also met some of my “heroes” along the way, some have also become friends.  Third: Throughout the entire process, I faced obstacles I never imagined were there.  Almost every single day for 4 months I wanted to just QUIT… but my coaches (I had two at the time one for business and one for emotional releasing/support!) kept me going, moving forward. They did not allow me to make excuses or run the other way. From the website and technology end to the interviewing of my “heroes” each step pushed me up against (and through) my limiting beliefs and my deepest fears. Fourth: I wanted a summit with 10 speakers, and I sent invitations to about 20 people….  almost every single one of them said yes – and then after I interviewed them a few of these masters recommended others to me…. so my summit grew to TWO AND A HALF TIMES THE SIZE of my initial goal!!!!  Fifth: I did almost every single thing myself….. some HUGE learning curves in this one! Talk about a sense of accomplishment.  I still look at the website with awe and wonder – just how did I do that.  (now I’m not saying it’s the most amazing website ever, but knowing where I was and what I learned to create it, man, I am so thrilled my coach never let me quit!
I must admit, one of the very biggest accomplishments of my life was my black belt! I always saw myself (and it seemed to me like everyone else agreed) as the uncoordinated, clumsy, one…. not very athletic…didn’t always stick to a goal until it’s realized – so every step in the process was a small victory! There were so many obstacles and demons to overcome as I got my black belt, including RUNNING in zero degree weather (on ice covered roads), pushing through a serious injury, overcoming the “I can’ts” that popped up at every single belt, and giving my best all the way through the 3 day exam while others told me to “slow down”. I had no idea that there was so much strength, dedication and focus within me.  Getting my black belt revealed incredible insight in to my potential – and a clear understanding of where my “limitations” were truly and completely an illusion, created by me. I will be forever grateful for this experience.

  • Faster EFT Level III
  • Matrix Re-Imprinting
  • Life Coach
  • Emotional Release Using Essential Oils
  • NLP
  • Advanced Clearing Energetics
  • Advanced Law Of Attraction Wealth Practitioner
  • Basic Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner
  • Basic Law of Attraction Practitioner
  • Studied many more (Sedona Method, Release Technique, Human Design, Enneagram and others)
On my way to finding my own purpose, and what fulfills me most – I have been in accounting (receivables, payables, payroll, credit and collection), multilevel marketing (several companies) and sales (medical supplies, ticketing software, and as an independent giftware rep)

  • Camping – top of my list!  We have a Fifth Wheel now but I also love tent camping.  I’m a State Park kinda gal (not a plushy campground sort)
  • Being in nature – hiking, journaling, reading
  • Listening to my boys sing! A few times a year I have the pleasure to see Tim ( sing at the Hard Rock Cafe – that’s always a fun time for me!
  • I am discovering a passion in photography and my son Chris ( is teaching me all about it!
  • Watching children (and adults) reach for their dreams with gusto!
  • Cross Stitching (though my eyesight is no longer the best for it)
  • Reading – a lot of non fiction, also I love Stephen King, Harry Potter series, Dan Brown and more! One son and my husband want me to get in to “The Wheel of Time Series” and I promised my other son I’d read “Enders Game”…. in fact I’m off to do that as soon as I’m done here!
  • Favorite Inspirational books:  (OK just some of my very top favorites) “Illusions” by Richard Bach, Everything written by Dr Wayne Dyer, “Ask and It Is Given” by Abraham-Hicks, “The Thought Exchange” by David Friedman, various books by Richard Bandler, various Tony Robbins, “The Little Soul and the Sun” by Neale Donald Walsch and ohhh so many more.
  • Music – I do lean toward Rock, Hard Rock, Metal. Lyrics matter – and it’s amazing how these forms of music can have some pretty incredible, even inspiring lyrics. My son, Tim, through his covers has introduced me to Josh Groban and more! 

How can I use this to help you?     

As someone who’s “been” there (thankfully past tense!) I know you, too, can change. I know you, too, can transform your life! And I know that I can help you to achieve the life of your dreams! I know first hand the importance of having someone believe in you, and I will hold that vision of you achieving your goals for you, while you build that sense of certainty within. I will be there to support you as you go through the trials, and help you through the times when you are tempted to just “quit”.  I will be, for you, all that I found valuable and helpful in a coach – and anything more I can think of to help!

     Face it, sometimes you simply need someone to:

                        Introductory Call is Always Free!

  • Help you gain clarity in your own dreams and desires
  • Point out where you have negative emotional patterns, and help you shift them
  • Release the pain and trauma from your memories
  • Identify and remove limiting beliefs, obstacles
  • Help you recognize and obliterate self-sabotage
  • Hold you accountable – in order to get the job done!
  • Find your courage to be all you can be!
  • Guide you and to hold the vision of the you that you’d like to become-until you can see it for yourself!

Introductory Skype Session is FREE



Let me help you to release the pain of the past, and create the unlimited life that you deserve!



My son Chris, taking photos at Letchworth State Park, NY

My son Chris, taking photos
at Letchworth State Park, NY

My son, Tim, the first time he sang At the Hard Rock, Niagara Falls, NY

My son, Tim, the first time he sang
At the Hard Rock, Niagara Falls, NY

Me, snowmobiling in Upstate NY

Me, snowmobiling in Upstate NY


The Family in Virginia Beach

The Family in Virginia Beach

Hiking in the Adirondacks, NY

Hiking in the Adirondacks, NY

My website helper got a little overworked.... napping on the job!

My website helper got a little overworked…. napping on the job!