1-1 Coaching Programs

Private Coaching

Customized to Meet Your Needs

Who is 1-1 Coaching For?

1-1 coaching is created for people have a deep commitment to change, prefer long term accountability, and are ready to make the shift! If you want personal attention – the kind that can only come from working privately with a coach, this is for you. (Unlike group programs) 1-1 coaching has an inherent confidentiality which, in turn, allows for  more powerful results.

Everything is customized to your needs – if a topic needs more than a session to master we take the time and do it right. If you can breeze through two or three topics in session, we quicken the pace.  It’s this flexibility, and “dance” that gives 1-1 coaching a powerful edge over a scheduled, regimented group coaching program.  In 1-1 coaching you don’t have to rush through an area so you can keep up – and you don’t have to wait for anyone else to “catch up” before you move ahead!   You get all your questions answered, as all the coaches attention is focused on YOU.

1-1 coaching involves more than spending time with a coach, it also includes accountability, homework and preparation. Sessions can be deep explorations in to who you are,  and what you want, or a discussion on how to deal with the challenges you are now facing. It   includes “homework” that aids in both discovery and clarity.  You’ll benefit greatly because you are coming to the sessions prepared and ready to work.

How It Works!

Our first week will be a longer session – up to 2 hours, here we will outline where you are, where you want to go, what is holding you back.  Together we’ll create a “theme” or “focus” for your coaching (i.e.: Money, Relationships, Career, Weight). This will be our MAIN focus going forward.  Life, however, happens and this coaching is flexible!  If your needs suddenly change, or something happens in your life where it’s important to shift focus (permanently or temporarily) we always have the ability to do that.

Thereafter we will meet according to the program you choose (2-4 x a month). 

You will be given tasks (Aka homework) between sessions and have unlimited email access to me for any questions you have. Some weeks the homework will be light, others it will be a bit more time consuming.  It all depends on you, and what you find “easy” and what you feel needs more “reflection” in order to complete. 

Coaching allows you to get in touch with your deep self, your desires, your dreams, your goals. It helps “strip away” those goals that really, in their essence, are  goals that you’ve unknowingly adopted as “your own”- yet are, in actuality, what someone else had “wanted” for you.  You’ll begin to understand why you may have what others really want, yet feel so unsatisfied.

If something special is happening in your life and you’d like to add extra releasing sessions they are available to you at a reduced rate.  (For example, perhaps you’ve been asked to give a presentation and you’d like a session to “release” the anxiety and fear that comes up) With the “Life in the Fast Lane” you also have the option of up to (2) free 15 minute calls per month for a quick chat or tapping/visualization.

My goal is to be here for you and to meet your needs.  I really enjoy it when my clients share a success they’ve had so I do my best to help you be as successful as possible!

Is Coaching for You?

 Find out in a Free “Bring Me To Life” Strategy Session!

The only way to get your questions answered, and to really know if coaching is a great investment for you, is by experiencing coaching in action! To help you do that I am offering you a FREE FULL COACHING session. Yes – This is an actual coaching session, not a sales pitch! (If, at the end of the session ,you find it valuable we can have a conversation about your coaching options.)




“Bring Me to Life” Coaching 

Meets twice a month for 6 (or 12) months

Don’t be fooled by the smaller number of sessions a month, the “Bring Me To Life” format is powerful! 

In fact a twice a month format is how I started with my first business coach! 

We will cover the same things that you would in the other program – just over a more time.

This is an ideal choice for you if you:

  • Have a very busy life – it’s better to start slow than to  “over commit”
  • Self Discovery takes a bit more time for you, it’s better to give yourself the time to do the work between sessions
  • Enjoy the process of unfolding, it’s all about the journey
  • Budget’s a bit tight but you’re committed to changing your life

“Quantum Leap” Coaching

Meets four times a month for 6 (or 12) months

This is for the serious, “let’s get it done” type! You know you want change, and you want it now!

Perhaps you’ve been thrust in to a life change and need to make immediate shifts, or you have “had enough” of where you are and want to “get out” as fast as possible!

This is ideal for you if:

  • You already have a “good idea” who you are and what you want
  • Self Discovery/Releasing Homework fits into your schedule easily enough
  • Need to “make it happen” ASAP
  • Are energized by self discovery, motivated to do the work

Other Details

All sessions and details discussed in them are mutually held in confidence.

When possible we will meet on the same day (& time) of the week (i.e. 2 or 4 Tuesdays a month at 10am)

There are a limited number of evening slots, please ask for one only if you absolutely need it!

Appointments can be rescheduled with 24 hour notice.  I am very flexible, however, for extenuating circumstances.

I will also adhere to the 24 hour policy should I need to reschedule.

Sessions are held via Skype. Telephone is also an option.

Payment can be made monthly, though a discount is provided for those who pay for the contract “up front”.

If for any reason you need to cancel or suspend coaching, the contract can be cancelled with notice 14 days prior to the next months start date. In other words if we start coaching on the 16th of the month, you would notify me of the desire to cancel by the 2nd of that month.

Rollback Pricing – Limited Time


  • Meets 2 Times  a Month (Skype/Phone)

    Sessions are 50-55 minutes in length

    Email Access for Length of Contract + 1 week


    Exercises & Worksheets

    Support Material

    BONUS: Unleash Your Superhero Workbook

    “Lock In” rate for future coaching

    Special Discounts (while in contract):

    50% off Additional Releasing Sessions

    25% off all home study programs/products

    6 Month One Pay Discount $90 (ASK for payment link)

Quantum Leap

  • Meets 4 Times a Month (Skype/Phone)

    Sessions are 50-55 minutes in length

    Email Access for Length of Contract + 2 weeks

    2 (15) Minute Support Calls/Mo (if needed)

    Exercises & Worksheets

    Support Material

    BONUS: Unleash Your Superhero Workbook

    “Lock In” rate for future coaching

    Special Discounts (while in contract):

    50% off  Additional Releasing Sessions

    50% off all home study programs/products

    6 Month One Pay Discount $210 (ASK for Payment link)