Are you looking to  “Jump Start” Your Life?

Want to do it in 90 Days – or less?

Are You Ready to Take Action?

This  90 day 1-1 coaching program  condenses 6-12 months of work into a short 90 days.*  It’s challenging and rewarding. Every bit of it is customized to take full advantage of your strengths – and to overcome your weaker traits (yes, we ALL have those!) You’ll find I am 100% committed to support you and your success.

This program isn’t for wimps! If you’re “hoping” to make your life better, or God forbid, want someone to do it all for you, then I recommend you pass this opportunity by.  

If you KNOW you can create a better life, (but need some direction, help and support) and are eager to do the work, this program was created for you!

Spots in this program are given to people who will commit 100% to to do the work. (Refunds are PROMPTLY given to those who don’t qualify!) Let’s get serious here – 90 days is a SHORT amount of time to accomplish a hell of a lot of change.

AND, if you are really committed to change – why drag it out?

I can hear you asking – is there homework?  Hell yes! Don’t think you’re going to be sitting around twiddling your thumbs waiting for our next call to get things done!  Nope, you’re in the trenches doing the work and making it happen from Day 1! And you know what? You’ll find that it brings a real sense of power to your life.

If you know you’ve “got what it takes” to succeed – but aren’t sure how to start this program is for you!

Traits of a 90 Day Jump Start Client

  • Have tasted success and is hungry for more!
  • Have a basic idea of what they want, yet may need to explore it a bit further
  • Can spend time doing homework – several days a week
  • Ready to take massive action – full speed ahead!

Traits of a Traditional Coaching Client

  • Are smart and hard working – success is at hand!
  • Life is full of possibilities to explore before deciding!
  • Leads an active life that’s better suited in a more traditionally paced program
  • Ready to move forward but not at breakneck speed

Week #1

Our first meeting to be a long one – plan for at least 2 hours. This is where we are going to get clear on what you want to get from the program.

This l-o-n-g session is critical because I’m not offering some  “cookie cutter”( follow some canned script) program that was created to serve “anyone”. Let’s get real – you’re not just ANYONE, you have your own unique needs!

I’m going to get to know you, your strengths, your weaknesses, your desires and your fears. Honesty plays a HUGE part here, you have to be honest not only with me, but also with yourself.  From this information I’m going to set up a custom program for YOUR individual needs. (for example if you already really KNOW what you want, why should we spend weeks working on that? We’ll shift that time to where you need it more – perhaps releasing doubt and fear!)

Even when we have an “outline” the program flexes with your progress.

Yep, this program is totally about and for YOU….. and Week 1 is CRITICAL!

In this call we will:

  • Get a clear understanding of  “Where You Are” (CRITICAL step)
  • Identify your “limiting beliefs” and blocks (I can see what you can’t!)
  • Lay the “Foundation”  of your  “Ideal Outcome” (there is more to it than saying “I want X”)
  • Identify the Characteristics of a “Successful Outcome” (“Success” indicators are important!)
  • Discover your personal “Learning Style” (I can present material in the way that helps you best)
  • An in depth visualization of your ideal future! (This is often my clients FAVORITE exercise!)
  • And MORE!


 Weeks # 2-10


This is where the magic happens!

Each week we meet for (45) minutes for support and direction.

Don’t be fooled by the “few” bullet points here!

This is intense work described in a few simple sentences.


The amount of time spend on each area is up to you

You dictate the “pace”.


Steps include: 

  • Release the Limiting Beliefs/Break Blocks(Learn skills to last a lifetime)
  • Learn and Master Success Habits (significant impact from simple shifts)
  • Create A Vision for Your Ideal Life (YOUR dreams not someone else’s!)
  • Map Out an Action Strategy (Create mini-goals and doable steps)
  • Accountability and Resistance Busting (release limitng beliefs and obstacles as they pop up))


Week # 11

We begin our plan for life after coaching.  We examine any loose ends, tighten up whatever areas need it and make certain you have the confidence and drive to move forward.

We will review the process so you can use these tools again and again in other areas of your life.

We’ll celebrate how far you’ve come, and talk about the next set of goals. After all the key here is to keep the momentum growing and to make sure life keeps getting better and better for you!

Some clients may want a small “follow up” package to help them stay on track, and I’ve created such a thing just in case you want it!


Week # 12

Our final week together is a Q & A session to wrap up any last minute details and finalize your action plans.  We’ll  also celebrate your victories.

Email access to me, for Q & A will continue for 5 days after our last session.

Jump Start Your Life Today!*

People keep asking me, and yes it’s true,

this price is for PRIVATE 1-1 Coaching sessions

– It is NOT a group coaching program.


VERY Limited Number

of Spots Available

at This Price!


90 Day JumpStart Program

  • 12 Private 1-1 Sessions

    Unlimited Email Access for 13 Weeks

    Exercises & Worksheets

    Daily Email from Me

    Support Material

    BONUS: Unleash Your Superhero Workbook

    “Lock In” rate for future coaching

    Deep Discounts on Additional Releasing Sessions (if desired)

    30% Discount on all home study programs/products (during 12 weeks)

    Monthly Payment Plan Available (Ask)

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This Incredibly Low Price Ends Soon!*

*Because of it’s intense nature, and my obligation to my other clients, I only work with a limited number of 90 Day Jump Start clients at a time. 

As a result – spaces are limited. 

Occasionally it will happen  that the schedule is full but don’t worry, there is a waiting list and it is usually  less than 30 – no more than 60- days before there is an opening.

 *I have talked with people who are paying this PER MONTH for a group coaching program- where the calls are with 11 other people!